Why Use A Property Management Company?

Homeowners often find time to be of the essence as they try to balance managing their property by living their daily lives. On Q Property Management was established in 2010 to take on the heavy lifting so that you can profit from your investment while engaging in other activities. Since its inception, the company has propelled itself to become one of the most rapidly growing real estate property management firms in the Arizona area.

At On Q, we consistently consider our clients our first priority. Alongside our client-first approach, we implement a technological workflow to enable the creation and maintenance of a fantastic client rapport. Discover how you can remove the burdens associated with being a property owner by hiring On Q Property Management.

What can we do for you?

We are professionals in the real estate sector who provide you exclusive access to the chief data pertaining to your properties. Access your property’s status and revenue conveniently from the On Q Cloud and portal. On Q Cloud provides instant updates for your properties regardless of the day or time. Its use is not restricted by device. We want the platform to be convenient for you, so you can easily access the On Q Cloud from a phone, tablet or desktop.

The On Q portal allows you to view detailed account ledgers, balances and account history. You can use the same application to manage your pertinent bills and view the billing history as well. At On Q Property Management, we similarly understand that fast access to your cash is important to you, which is why we direct deposit your funds from the On Q portal to get your bank account as soon as possible.

Every property is bound to have minor or major issues that require repairs. Our On Q Cloud platform includes a maintenance portal so you can easily approve any service orders. Furthermore, you will see before and after photographs of the work to assure you the jobs are properly completed. Keep track of maintenance costs by referencing all historical repair details and receipts stored in the On Q Cloud.

Our professional management team has the skills and resources to market your properties on hundreds of reputable websites to attract polished tenants. To certify that potential tenants are responsible and dependable, we employ a 100-point tenant screening along with a background check. The technological aspect of our Phoenix property management company makes it simple to oversee rent collection, billing/payment histories and submit digital approvals.

We even provide licensed contractors and maintenance to sustain your properties. On Q Property Management has a mission to sustain your property in outstanding condition and banish vacancies to bring you more money. On Q further alleviates your stress by responding to tenant issues 24/7. We are there from start to finish to keep things running smoothly with seamless transition during tenant changes.

On Q Flow: What is the process?

Our Arizona property management serves a two-fold purpose. The company decreases your stress levels while simultaneously increasing your property value. The On Q flow is our proven specialized system to walk you through the process from consultation to move-out.

    • Free Rental Consultation: The consultation evaluates the unique features of your property. We then provide a rental price analysis. The rental analyses and estimates can be done in person at the property or sent over via email. During this time, you can learn more about how On Q can find the high-quality tenants you desire


    • Ready: On Q staff takes photographs and a 3D walk through of your property. They then compile the relevant information about your property to get it rent-ready. We take this time to recommend feature improvements to enhance the marketability of your property as well


    • Match: A resolute agent oversees marketing to get you outstanding tenants. You will receive weekly updates to keep you abreast of the process. At On Q, we promptly respond to any inquiries and present showings to prospective tenants. You will receive real-time feedback via your On Q Cloud. We developed the inclusive On Q Cloud so that at any given time, you will always know what we know


    • Care: Your personal On Q Property Manager will manage your home with the utmost care. They will oversee rent collections, maintenance, rental tax returns and legal notices. We have a flat rate-fee for these essential services to save you money and provide you the greatest return on your investment


  • Move-Out: We will facilitate the move-out process as early as possible to make the transition smooth for all parties involved. Our implementation of a proactive move-out maximizes your rental income potential. We strive to manage your time and property wisely to optimize your profits. When necessary, we provide professional eviction management, too

More About On Q Property Management

On Q is dedicated to quality and producing effective results. We are the solitary Phoenix property management company that offers a risk-free 90 day trial period without any termination fees. Our team has 35 years of experience accompanied by a proven process to get you optimal benefits.

Since we are totally confident in our team and systems, should you find yourself dissatisfied during your 90 day trial, we will reimburse your management fee. Similarly, we extend a 12 month tenant guarantee to certify your comfort with the tenants occupying your property. Everything about On Q Property Management endeavors to add a sense of tranquility and solace for homeowners.

As such, you never have to worry about any yearly or hidden fees. Furthermore, you are never charged a monthly management fee until your property is rented. We firmly believe that we should not make money until you do. As leaders in Arizona property management, we labor to generate the most interest in your property by posting 3D virtual tours in addition to photographs and offering showings.

We do everything possible to keep your tenants within accord of the City Code and City Compliance. In the event of a move-out, one of our inspectors will inspect the property to provide estimates for any improvements and repairs.

Evictions are an unfortunate circumstance, but we lessen the awkwardness by:

  • Sending Notices
  • Sending Constables
  • Facilitating Re-keys
  • Representing you in court (when needed)

We have a dedicated team comprised of:

  • Property Managers
  • Designated Broker
  • Leasing Manager
  • Leasing Agents
  • Owner Coordinator

On Q Property Management always looks forward to hearing from you to respond to questions or business inquiries. You can reach us directly via phone, which allows you to speak with new owner services, the main office or leasing team.

You likewise have the option to communicate with us via fax, email and standard post. You can conveniently view our address and physical location using Google Maps.

Phoenix and Arizona Real Estate Prospects

Our Phoenix property management company fosters the flourishing real estate market that has seen constant increases in sales and prices as of 2017. Apartments present the best investment opportunity since they are generally in high demand. The Phoenix area has appealing figures with median home prices that are lower than the national average. It is the perfect location for anyone to purchase or rent a home. On Q Property Management Company can help you decide on the property for your individualized budget. Arizona is an appealing state because its residents enjoy a low cost of living with an optimistic job market. We take advantage of all Arizona offers to provide our homeowners with the following:

  • Free Rental Consultation
  • Prepare Rental Properties
  • Match Homeowners with Desirable Tenants
  • Daily Property Management
  • Moving-Out
  • Annual Tax Statement Preparation

We have an excellent reputation, which is supported by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We are also proudly recognized members of the following organizations:

  • Realtor
  • BBB
  • Equal Housing Opportunity

Benefits of a Property Management Company

Tenant leasing enables homeowners to recoup their total investment. Property management keeps track of monthly rental fees, tenant grievances and general administrative tasks. Overseeing rent collection is a major responsibility for all property managers.

Our system makes it easier to track current and late rental payments. We complete routine inspections to avert damage and activities that transgress the leasing agreement, too. Our expertise allows On Q Property Management to educate you on all the details regarding your home. The insight we provide prevents minor issues from adding up to substantial losses.

Hiring a company to manage your property ultimately saves you time and money throughout your duration as the owner. Novice investors can benefit from the prowess property management companies possess.

Avoid errors by entrusting your property management to On Q so you can focus your efforts elsewhere to support a prosperous real estate business. Additional benefits we provide include:

  • Premium Tenants: Comprehensive screening methods ensure you house the most reliable tenants. Our proven methods attract tenants that pay on time, rent longer and cause less issues to the unit/living community. We have experience deciphering the facts and warning signs for good versus bad prospective tenants. On Q Property Management will assist to protect you from discrimination lawsuits due to erratic screenings and rental scams aimed at homeowners.


  • Shorter Vacancy Periods: Your property manager from On Q initiates three tasks to fill vacant units as quickly as possible. Firstly, we always seek to improve the property by suggesting aesthetic improvements that optimize revenue. In addition, your manager determines the maximal price for your properties so that you never lose money. Lastly, we exercise our real estate proficiency to properly advertise your home to attract more applicants in a shorter time frame. The large quantities of prospects enables On Q Property Management to quickly and successfully close deals.


  • Decreased Incidence of Legal Disputes: Our property managers are well aware of the latest landlord-tenant laws to protect you from undesirable lawsuits. Landlord-tenant laws cover the scope of municipal and federal regulations concerning:


  • Tenant Screening
  • Evictions
  • Inspections
  • Safety & Condition of the Property
  • Lease Termination
  • Lease Addendums
  • Overseeing Security Deposits
  • Rent Collection
    • Process for Rent Collection: It is important to have non-negotiable rent collection dates to sustain a steady stream of incoming cash. We handle the difficult conversations regarding excuses, taking measures to collect rent and eviction of noncompliant tenants. On Q Property Management enforces the leasing terms to properly maintain the landlord-tenant relationship. In the event of an eviction, we follow the eviction laws to ward off legal troubles and unruly tenants.


    • Tenant Retention: Large rates of tenant turnover necessitates cleaning, changing locks, painting the interior and changing the carpet. After preparing the unit, the home must be marketed and showed until someone takes occupancy. On Q Property Management labors to avert high turnover and the associated costs by taking care of your tenants.


    • Decreased Maintenance Costs: Our maintenance staff not only provides good pricing, but you can also rest assured their work is of the highest quality. On Q Property Management gets you sizable discounts for repairs; plus, we oversee the maintenance repairs, which you can likewise view from the On Q Cloud.


    • Tax Assistance: Taxes can be confusing to file in general. We will handle the rental sales tax for you. We will also mail out a 1099 at the end of the year.


    • Enhance Your Life: Enjoy a life marked by less stress, more time and more freedom. Since you will no longer have to deal with tenant complaints or insolence, you will be able to live wherever you desire, even if it is in another state or country. We happily accept your burdens with the utmost professionalism so you can spend more time doing the things you love. Allow us to make your money work for you, literally.


  • Increase Your Property Value: We implement preemptive maintenance to deal with issues before they morph into expensive repairs. Upgrades that you approve often affect the amount you can charge for rent, which equals more revenue. The maintenance team similarly educates you on how modifications affect long-term maintenance and insurance costs.

Types of Property Management

Property management usually falls into either a residential or commercial category. Commercial properties are those where commercial activities occur. Examples of commercial properties include:

  • Office Buildings (including specialty)
  • Shopping Centers/Malls
  • Research Parks
  • Airports/Marinas
  • Warehouses (storage for inventory/excess materials)
  • Self-storage/Mini-Warehouses (secure good for small business/individual)
  • Industrial Property (single-use property, incubator space)

Residential properties are homes for tenants or owners. These properties are classified by ownership type, financing and occupancy type. The scope of residential properties include:

  • Apartments (conventional financing/government housing)
  • Public Housing (owned by local/state agency)
  • Condos and Common-Interest Developments
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Single-Room Residency Apartments
  • Student Housing
  • Elderly Housing
  • Military Housing

The primary differences between managing commercial and residential property surround the tenant, leasing terms and rental payments. Shopping centers are typically the most complex property type to lease and manage. An effective property manager can encourage continued success by choosing tenants that cater to the center’s ideal customers and current uses.

A property manager will generate a safe, appealing environment to target the shopping center’s demographics. Experience is especially important to manage office buildings successfully. Residential properties, contrastingly, require more maintenance due to their incessant daily use.

Our On Q property managers have the interpersonal communication skills to respond to tenant service requests and make them feel at home. The manager you work with will flawlessly manage your property by tailoring their style to your home’s constructional design and specific property features.

Signs You Could Use a Property Manager

    • Distance: As a homeowner, you must regularly conduct checkups to safeguard your property and investment. However, if you live far away, it can be difficult to monitor collections, maintenance and repairs. You may have discovered that you no longer check on your property as frequently as you should. On Q property managers provide all the attention your property needs to sustain your home and help its value grow.


    • Stress: There are times when homeowners and landlords must deal with intense situations. If you do not enjoy confrontation, On Q Property Management will gladly oversee your property during times of peace and tumult. We diffuse tenant disputes, prevent illegal activities and more.


    • Chaotic Lifestyle: Managing one property is stressful in itself, but managing multiple properties can be stifling. Our systematic approach enables us to manage multiple properties to restore balance and order.


    • Minor Maintenance Experience: Cut back on maintenance times by having a consistent staff supplied by On Q Property Management. Overmore, you do not have to worry about improper repairs because our vendors are knowledgeable and experienced.


    • Vacancies: Marketing your property can take considerable time and effort. Professional managers disperse your properties to the masses for optimal exposure. In addition to subpar marketing skills, a high vacancy rate is a telltale sign you could benefit from a property management company.


    • Bookkeeping: If you lack a financial background, you will find it useful to employ a property management company. On Q property managers seamlessly record profits and losses for tax purposes. The On Q Cloud and portal platforms allow you to view the information at any time so you are aware of how your property fares.


  • Governing Laws: You must abide by land-lording laws to prevent lawsuits and liability when sued. Similarly, you need to be well versed in contracts and rental agreements since it is the binding concurrence between you and the tenant. Your On Q property manager has knowledge in both laws and contracts to protect you at all times.

On Q Property Management has the certifications, knowledge and experience to take your properties to the next level. We employ modern technologies that allow you to view billing histories, accounts, maintenance and more from the On Q Cloud and portal.

Our responsive team wants to take away the stress of being a homeowner so that you can branch out and find more success in the real estate market. Remember, you have nothing to lose since we offer a 90 day risk-free trial.  Call our Phoenix property management specialists today at (480) 470-3906 or contact us here.  We look forward to working for you!