Should I Allow Pets in My Rental Property?

Allowing Pets Will Help You Find Tenants Faster

Allowing Pets is Not Required

Whether or not to allow pets in a rental property is up to you, but we recommend at least considering some pets. A large percentage of renters have at least one pet, so by not allowing them, you would be narrowing your pool of potential applicants.

If you absolutely do not want any pets in your rental property, be prepared to make adjustments to price and other features in order to attract tenants.

ESA Animals are Not Pets

Some renters may have ESA Animal or a Service Animal. These are not pets and applicants can not be denied don't he basis of owning one. IF you have questions about ESA and Service animals, you should contact a property management specialist.

There Are Ways to Protect Your Property From Pet Damage

Over half of all renters have pets. Being open to pets will increase demand through the entire prospective rental pool and increase the rental price per month. If you would rather not, it is OK to prohibit pets. On Q can provide more information on how to mitigate pet damage with tenants.


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