On Q takes the paper out of inspections and moves the entire process into a streamlined, cloud-based system that creates more transparency and clarity for owners. Whether it’s a move-out or just a routine follow-up, On Q’s inspection process meticulously documents every step.


Once they are loaded onto the On Q Cloud, inspections are viewable by owners in a clean column format that is scrollable. Each section of the property is categorized and then scored on a simple Pass or Fail scale. Owners can use a “Condition Filter” to organize the column and view only the items which received a particular, selected score. This means that with the click of a button, owners are able to view every spot on the inspection that received a Fail score.

Photos taken during the inspection are positioned conveniently within each section, which allows for simple navigation and references. Owners can click on a quick jump navigator and move to the section they wish to view and see it’s score and accompanying photographs.


Included with a contract, owners receive three types of inspections free. Move-ins, Move-outs, and Rent Readys are all performed but the experienced inspectors at On Q on each property. This allows owners to see a detailed snapshot of their properties throughout their On Q contract. 

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