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Full Service Property Management in Mesa, AZ and Gilbert, AZ Servicing Arizona Cities including Gilbert, Arizona and Phoenix, AZ Full Service Leasing Professionals
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Founded in 2010, On Q Property Management established itself as one of Arizona’s fastest growing Property Management & Real Estate firms. On Q’s client-first approach, coupled with its technologically focused work flow, help build and maintain excellent relationships with our customers. We strive to be Arizona’s Best Property Management Company.

Contact us today to find out more about how our efficient and affordable services can help save you time, money and stress.

The Truth about Property Management

10 years ago I was a newly married man setting out to provide for my wife and was offered a job to manage a mid-sized property management company. I hesitated at first because I always had a bad image of property management companies but eventually I went for it.

Well property management wasn’t what I thought, it was much worse.

I soon began to feel the same stresses that you probably have experienced if you’ve rented out your own home. I was constantly worried about bad tenants, potential property damage, and vacancies that would eat into owners savings. On top of that I was handling the countless facets that go along with managing a property with a very inefficient system. Everything fell back on me, everything was my fault, and I felt overloaded with responsibility.

But, I was ok with this. Because part of being a man is providing for my family and doing my job. The part I was ashamed of is the part that no property management company will ever tell you about…

There were countless inefficiencies in our system that cost time and money. So the company had to make up for it by charging hidden fees to the owners. It was ridiculous and I searched for years among my peers and other property management companies to find a solution. To my surprise, every Arizona property management company I came across was doing the same thing. Even the companies saying they were charging a flat fee were still charging yearly hidden fees. When I offered ideas of what I felt were common sense solutions, I was quickly shot down and told I had to accept this because it was the “nature of the beast”.

I was not going to accept this.

On a daily basis I worked on refining the process. Just three years ago, I finally put it all together and created my own company, the first true flat fee Arizona property management Company I know of. The two critical parts include a staff that doesn’t look at this as just a job and a system using my own advanced proprietary technology. The magic of this proprietary technology is that the time consuming, mundane things that cause unnecessary stress, and expenses fall on the system and are resolved through automation. That allows my staff to focus on what really matters; maximizing your returns and minimizing your costs. It may sound cheesy but my staff is happier, more pleasant, and they love their job because it is meaningful. Owners are kept in the loop and can access what is happening to their property online and in real time. This has created an unexpected chain reaction with not only our owners like you, but with our tenants.

The tenants are happier, tend to stay in the homes longer, are more likely to pay on time, and take better care of the property. In turn your properties are better managed without the bloated fees.

I feel like I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish. Both our employees and our clients are able to have peace of mind knowing their property is taken care of through real time communication. I think you will quickly realize why we are one of the fastest growing Arizona property management companies.

It only took 10 years to accomplish :-)

Sincerely, Taylor
Owner of On Q Property Management


On Q Property Management Reviews & Testimonials

Arizona Property Management
Great service! On Q has a professional team that work together to help you with every thing that could possibly come. On Q is the Arizona Property Management company that you can count on and have a peace in mind. I highly recommend On Q to my friends!

Property Management Gilbert
As a new rental property owner / landlord, it was great to have the professional OnQ team on board to handle the myriad of details associated with completing my property purchase, getting it ready to lease, and finding the right occupant. I travel out of town extensively, so it is great to have a local team in place to take care of all the issues I couldn’t address myself.
Mark Dixon

Property Management Gilbert
Great service! This is one of those companies that do what they say. We have been with On Q for several months now and have had a great experience. They found us a tenant extremely fast and have been on the ball with any problems. I have already refereed them to a few friends/co workers. 

Property Management
Taylor and his team at ON Q Property Management are first class! With Taylor’s marketing strategy and knowledge of my community, he listed my home on a Thursday night, received numerous appointments to view my property that Saturday and they had a tenant signed that Monday. Will recommend to my family and friends, as well as use them personally again! Great service, affordable price, awesome staff! 

Arizona Property Management
I love On Q Property Management- On Q Arizona Property Management is such a great company! The staff is so friendly and goes out of their way to help you and to get things done! Taylor was especially helpful and in helping me and my husband understand what was going on and made us feel so comfortable. If your looking for a great property management company, this is the one you should choose!
Matt & Karlee

Gilbert Property Management
Awesome Company! A+ On Q Property Management is an awesome company to do business with. My husband and I signed up for their services just over a week ago. We met with Taylor who was prompt in responding, taking pictures and listing our home. I’m happy to say that we received an offer in less than a week and have a tenant moving in today! Each time I needed to talk with Taylor, he was immediately available. I would highly recommend them (and already have) to anyone who is looking for a reputable company that has reasonable fees.

Property Management For Owners

As an owner, using an Arizona property management company allows you to benefit from your investment without the stress. When you manage your own property, you become bound to your tenants, restricting vacation and personal time. This is especially the case when you manage multiple properties in Phoenix, as many investors do. Not only do you live around these timely obligations, but emergency repair issues will interfere with your plans. Be prepared for emergency phone calls in the middle of the night. What do you do when you are at the airport, about to board a flight and your tenant calls to tell you a water pipe bursted and your property is flooded?

Choose wisely, as you are not only protecting your investment, but also need to work within regulations. There are laws protecting both owners and tenants, and understanding the ins and outs of them will allow you to avoid costly lawsuits over things like maintenance neglect. Property management requires important legal knowledge to protect not only your tenants, but your investment, monthly cash flow, and even credit.

Some owners hesitate to hire a Arizona Property Management company because they view the service fee as cutting in to their original monthly cash flow. In reality, using an experienced firm is a way of insuring your investment. Not only are they skilled in screening for reliable tenants, but they can in many cases help you with pricing to get the most out of your rental.

Aside from the financial benefits, a property management company will handle those midnight phone calls. Enjoy your vacations and rest easy as someone handles all of the headaches for you.

Property Management For Tenants

As a tenant, renting through an established Arizona Property Management company benefits you by knowing you are in the care of experienced, knowledgeable managers. Whether you are an owner or a tenant, imagine renting a home managed by a novice. If they have other properties or obligations they may be difficult to reach in urgent situations or manage unlawfully.

Now imagine renting from a qualified Arizona Property Management company. Renting from these experts can protect you from unintentional neglect and avoidable legal actions, while providing you with excellent service by property specialists. The real difference is in their experience in the field prepares them for all kinds of emergencies. For both renters and owners, this quality can make your decision to work with a professional company.


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