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Renting comes with so many benefits, but it also comes with responsibilities. We want you to be happy here so please take a moment to review this guide to understand your new opportunities as well as your resident responsibilities. Feel free to reference this guide at any time!

We want your rental experience to be a great one, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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Your Resident Portal

Life just got a lot more simple! You can now make payments, manage your account, view important documents, and submit all maintenance requests online using your resident portal.

Accessing Your Portal

Step 1

Click the link provided in the resident portal activation email you received from On Q Property Management.

Be sure to save the link as a bookmark in your browser for easy access in the future.

You can also always head to our website at and click on "Login" at the top right corner.

Step 2

On the Resident Portal login page, enter your email address and click the "Next" button.

Be sure to use the primary email address you have on file with On Q Property Management.

The first time you access the system you will be prompted to create a password to activate your account.

Step 3

Enter your password and then click "Submit." Now you're logged in to your resident portal!


How to Pay Rent

Pay Online

Go to and click the "Pay Rent" button.

Pay By Check

Personal Checks can be mailed or delivered to On Q but must be received by the 3rd of each month.
*Rent received after the 3rd will be considered late and must be paid with Certified Funds.

How to Submit a Maintenance Request

  1. Go to and click the "Maintenance Request" button.
  2. Fill out the form describing the issue and upload any images you may have.
  3. Click "Submit Request" button.

*All maintenance requests must be submitted online

If it is an emergency, please call our office (24/7) after you have submitted your request.

Everyday Maintenance

These are some examples of everyday maintenance that may fall under Resident Responsibilities

  • Changing your HVAC filters at least once every 3 months
  • Changing refrigerator filters
  • Replacing light bulbs as needed
  • Replacing window screens as needed
  • Checking your smoke detectors & inspecting fire extinguishers
  • Winterizing your home
  • Managing minor toilet and drain clogging
  • Cleaning/maintaining appliances
  • Routine pest control
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Watering plants/lawn as needed
  • Weeding
  • Trimming the bushes
  • Raking leaves
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Maintaining the pool (if applicable)

Resident Benefits Package

A Resident Benefits Package is Included With All Lease Agreements

Renters Insurance

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Finding good renters insurance can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. On Q makes this process simple by providing the required renter's insurance with no credit checks, deposits, or delays. Tenants will be automatically enrolled into the Master Tenants Policy that is included in the Resident Benefit Package. Enrollment in this policy removes the Tenant's obligation to provide a certificate of insurance for accidental damages arising from fire, smoke, explosion, and sudden and accidental water discharge caused up to $100,000. Conditions, deductibles, and exclusions apply, so please review the policy and renter's insurance addendum for details.

Your belongings and personal property are important. In addition to the Liability Insurance Coverage, Tenants receive $10,000 in renter’s Content Coverage as part of the On Q Master Tenants policy. Conditions, deductibles, and exclusions apply, so please review the policy and renter's insurance addendum for details.

Hotel Accommodations

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If the Property becomes uninhabitable or unsafe due to a covered peril, your benefits package will help cover the costs of a temporary hotel stay up to $100 per day and for a maximum of 7 Days. 

Resident must provide a receipt for hotel accommodations to receive credit and no other living or relocation expenses will be covered.

Renter to Buyer Program

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If you eventually plan on purchasing a home, let On Q represent you and we will credit the dollar amount equal to your refundable deposit, up to $5,000, and apply it towards your closing costs. Your refundable deposits will not be impacted or reduced as a result of using this incentive. Contact us at any time during your lease term to learn more about this incentive.

Real Estate Agent Support

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We want to help our Residents reach their home goals. Whether that is renting or buying a home, we have real estate agents & preferred lenders that want to help you. Assistance with finding your next home, credit rebuilding, and financing are just a few of the services available to our Residents. When On Q represents you & you use our preferred lender when buying a home, your appraisal fee is credited back at closing.

Moving Concierge

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$150 VALUE

Citizen Home Solutions ( is a third party concierge that helps make moving less stressful, saves time and money. Citizen’s experienced agents will be available to walk you through establishing utilities, internet, and cable services with one simple phone call. To make your move-in even move convenient, On Q has secure Lockers that allow new Residents to pick up keys at their convenience 24/7/365.

Late Fee Waiver

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On Q will grant a one-time reduction of late fees up to $55 during the entire lease duration. 

Credit Reporting

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Improve your credit health when you pay your rent on time! We will automatically report your monthly rent payments to our preferred credit agency.

Cleaning/ Handyman

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$50 Credit A $50 credit will be available to apply towards handyman or maintenance work orders that were performed. Limited to 1 credit per 12-month cycle and unused credits do not rollover to the next year. The Resident must use the online work order system to submit the work request. (Every 12 Months)

$50 Credit A $50 credit will be available to apply towards carpet or tile cleaning services performed. Limited to 1 credit per 12-month cycle and unused credits do not roll over to the next year. The Resident must use the online work order system to submit the work request. (Every 12 Months)

Resident Portal

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Residents have access to the On Q online Portal to view electronic statements, pay online, and schedule automatic ACH payments. In addition to online payments, Residents may have the benefit of using services like RentMoney at thousands of participating locations. All online Portal activation fees are waived as part of the Resident Benefits Package.

Emergency Maintenance

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Residents can reach the On Q 24/7 hotline after hours for emergency maintenance concerns. Non-Emergency requests can be submitted anytime using our free online portal. On Q representatives are available Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM and take pride in returning calls the same day.

Please note, not all benefits are available on every lease. If you have questions, contact your property manager.

On Q Property Management requires the Resident Benefits Package with ALL Lease Agreements. The benefits are only available while the property is managed by On Q. The $39.00 per month will automatically be added to your Rental Ledger. Residents with pets will have an additional $10.00 per month added to their package (for a total of $49.00). The Resident's Account and Rental Ledger must be in good standing to receive all of the Resident Benefits. In the event of a failure to pay for the Resident Benefits Package by the 5th of the month, benefits including but not limited to insurance, may result in lapsed coverage. Monthly charges for the Resident Benefits Package will continue to accrue and coverage can be reinstated upon full payment.

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