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Repair Tips

What Constitutes an Emergency?

  • Air Conditioning

    This is largely dependent on the temperature outside. A broken A/C during summer in Arizona certainly warrants a call for repairs (generally, any temperature over 90 should be regarded as an emergency). AC calls are prioritized based on the number of AC units at the property and if one or both are not functional. 

  • Flood, Plumbing and Sewer

    Not every plumbing problem is an emergency, but if there’s a leak you can’t stop and/or water you can’t clean up, you need to report it immediately.  A severe water heater leak or broken pipe, for example, can quickly turn into a geyser. All that water can significantly damage your floors, walls and ceilings. If your leak can be contained in a bucket, then it isn’t necessarily an emergency. In any case, turn the water valve off immediately to ensure no further flooding ensues.

  • Electrical

    Typically, total electrical failure is a reason to contact your electricity provider and not the On Q maintenance department. Some electrical problems, like a loss of power or smoking or sparking wires, just can’t wait. Keep in mind, it’ll greatly help everyone if you did a few things first: try resetting the circuit breakers, resetting the GFI breakers on the outlets, and also check any fuses that might’ve blown out.

  • Gas Leak

    Contact your gas provider immediately if you catch any scent* whatsoever of a gas leak. A natural gas leak can be a huge hazard – inhaling it can be poisonous, and it’s also easily ignited. *A natural gas leak may be present if you smell an odor similar to rotten eggs.

The Following are considered NON-EMERGENCY issues:

  • No A/C or Heat when exterior temps fall within the 90-degrees and 55-degrees range.
  • Poor water pressure.
  • Refrigerator not cooling: use a cooler or a neighbors refrigerator.
  • Tripped breakers or fuses.
  • Dishwasher, stove outage, disposal, microwave, washer, or dryer problems.
  • Drippy faucets or pipes.

Criminal activity, such as a break-in must be reported to your local police department and report filed.

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