On Q’s Work Order Viewer is a comprehensive dashboard of the work being performed on your property. From estimating to project completion, the Work Order Viewer keeps our clients informed and allows them to see pricing estimates, easily approve work, monitor progress and see before/after pictures for each item.

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Client’s who log into their Dashboard can view any and all work orders for their property. For ease of viewing, the work orders are all listed on a single page that can be scrolled through and sorted with the click of a button. The environment is clean and designed with simplicity and transparency in mind. There is no hunting for estimates, pictures or approval dates, everything is in one place and always accessible. This simple navigation works on whatever platform it is viewed on, from desktop to mobile.

As Clients approve items on a work order, they are added to a convenient shopping cart system. This cart keeps a running total of costs which allows Clients to easily keep track of how much is being spent. The cart will also automatically breakdown down costs as they are associated with tenants and/or homeowner responsibility, so it is always clear how much each party is responsible for.  

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Every project has its own timeline attached to it. Through the Work Order Viewer, clients can view every stage of a work order and know exactly where it is in the process. From estimating and scheduling to approvals and completion, each step is clearly documented and viewable.

The Work Order Viewer also showcases before and after photos in a side-by-side environment. Each Item on the Work Order will have photos of the before and after work, which gives each project a new level of transparency and makes for simple evaluation. Clients can see the work that has been completed on their property at any time and from anywhere.

Through the Client dashboard, homeowners can easily access important records. Work Orders can be downloaded as a pdf and all approved work is assembled into a streamlined invoice. With On Q’s Work Order Viewer, everything is simple, organized, accessible, and transparent.