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Do you own a rental property in Laveen, Arizona? Put your property on auto-pilot with a Full-Service Property Management company. We're talking a 24/7 team working for you, handling everything!


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  • Full-service Management
  • Maintenance
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We Are Full-Service Property Managers

Here's a glimpse of what that means

We Find Better Tenants, Faster

We'll take care of marketing your rental with Professional Photos, Agent Showings, 3D Virtual Tours, and posting on many popular rental Websites to create the most interest possible.

We Collect Your Rent & Get You Paid

We make it easy for your tenants to pay rent. Once that has been done, we process the funds, create a statement for you, and direct deposit the money into an account of your choice.

We'll Manage Any Maintenance Requests

When the tenants report a real issue, our Property Managers get to work on providing you estimates for repair. We'll handle all communication with Tenants, Vendors, and Home Warranties.

We'll Handle HOA & City Compliance

Our Property Managers will do as much as allowed to keep the tenants in compliance with HOA regulation and City Code. This is a huge time saver for our homeowners.

We Enforce Leases & Handle Evictions

In the rare instance that an Eviction must happen, our Property Managers will handle it all. That means sending notices, constables, arranging re-keys and representing you in court if need be.

We'll Handle The Legal Notices

Legal notices are a vital part of Property Management. Hiring a Professional Manager to do this for you will save you time and stress, allowing you to enjoy life again!

We Care For Your Property

Our goal is to keep your property in great condition while eliminating vacancy time. If tenants do move out, we'll inspect the property and provide bids for any repairs or improvements.

24/7 Online Property Access

We call this Innovative Technology the On Q Cloud & Owner Portal. It allows you to login anytime to view work orders, marketing updates, monthly financial reports and more.

Laveen Property Management For $75/Month

Let us handle the day-to-day management and enjoy life more!
This is my first time renting out a home. The entire On Q staff have been wonderful to me. They answered all my endless questions & were able to keep me calm during the hunt for a great tenant. They took on a very nervous home owner & bent over backwards to make sure I was completely aware of every step in the process.
Kathy D.
I have managed family and partnership property for 25 years myself, hired a number of property management companies, and I have been a CFO of a property management company. Without reservation I can say On Q Property Management is the finest company I've had the pleasure of knowing and hiring.
Jeff P.
I lived out of state and was looking for an efficient, accessible property management company to take over managing my AZ rental property. After interviewing a number of companies and reviewing their contracts, I chose to go with On Q Property Management. I liked that On Q Property Management has a good reputation.
 Joanne A.
As first time landlords we really needed someone to help make the set up and process easier. The staff at On Q are so professional and helpful. They were always quick with responses to any questions. It has been a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend this company.
Michael B.

About Laveen, Arizona

The city of Laveen is going through a lot of changes right now. Economic growth is high, and many people are moving to the city from neighboring areas. However, the city does not have enough homes to house all of the people who are moving in. This is causing bidding wars to happen on real estate properties that go on the market. It is not uncommon to see one home getting dozens of offers on it. In the coming years, many real estate investors are hoping to take advantage of this growth in the market.


One of the biggest reasons for the growth in population in Laveen is the growth in jobs that are available. With all of the changes that are starting to happen in this area, now is the time to look at different jobs that are available. Many new companies have moved in and this is opening up new industries that were not here before. Many people are having to go back to school to get more skills in order to land a better job. However, this is always something that is worth the effort.

Real Estate

Investing in real estate in Laveen is a great idea. There are a lot of people today who are excited about the growth in the city. However, hiring a property management company in Laveen is one of the best ways to take the hassle out of this decision. No one wants to deal with renters during the middle of the night. Although investing in real estate is profitable, it is not something that is easy to do.

Laveen property management companies are popping up across the city. There are a lot of people who love working with these companies because it takes the hassle out of the process. Property management in Laveen should help you with your real estate investing plans financially now and in the future.

Our Business

On Q property management is a great company to work with for your property management needs. Over the years, this is a company that has worked with a lot of people who live in Laveen. With that experience, the company knows the local market and what the local people want out of a company. Now is the time to go out and hire a property management company for all of your real estate needs in this area.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the city of Laveen is a great place to live and invest in. With all of the changes that are starting to take place in the city, a lot of people are excited about what is going to happen in the future. Hiring a property management company is a great way to take the hassle out the investing process. With the changes that are taking place in this area, now is the time to figure out your real estate investing strategy. The more you plan before investing, the higher your chances of having success.