Using 3D Technology in Property Management

The Life as a property owner can be fraught with stresses. Maintenance, security, screening tenants, collecting payments and advertising are just a few of the tasks that weigh heavily on a property owner’s mind. The professionals at On Q understand the difficulties faced by property owners and are consistently creating new and better ways to help our customers. Property Management in Arizona is our specialty and complete customer satisfaction our goal. If the pressures of property management are making life difficult, On Q is here to help. A collective 45 plus years in property management experience brings valuable skills and information to On Q Property Management’s team of experts. Property Management Technology is the backbone of the services offered to customers.

In addition to the On Q Cloud, which gives property owners 24/7 /365 access to maintenance, billing, and all other aspects of rental property accounts, On Q proudly offers customers access to the Matterport Camera. The 3D technology offered by the Matterport Camera is the most innovative piece of Property Management Technology available. The Camera is improving the businesses and lives of On Q customers by inviting potential tenants into your property for a virtual tour and making the rental property come to life. In addition to the virtual tour, possible tenants may use the floor plan view or the doll house view to experience the property in new and exciting ways.

Every landlord wants to maximize profits by filling vacancies as quickly as possible. The 3D Camera, used by On Q will make renting properties easier than ever. Instead of simply viewing two-dimensional images or taking part in the time-consuming property showings, potential tenants will take a virtual tour of the property, viewable at all angles. Matterport Cameras bring into view whatever specifics a renter is looking for, the size of bathtubs, the length of kitchen counters, depth of closet space; the Matterport makes every detail is accessible to potential renters. It also simplifies moving in; allowing renters to match colors and review sizes assuring a smooth and easy transition into a new home.By choosing from several different views, renters viewing the property can also measure distances and heights. It also simplifies moving in; allowing renters to match colors and review sizes assuring a smooth and easy transition to a new home.

Matterport does not only make the process easier for tenants, it streamlines the renting process for the property owner as well. As previously stated, showing a property can be time-consuming and it is particularly frustrating if those viewing the property are just browsing. Additionally, there may be concerns about privacy, especially if the property in question is not already vacant. A virtual tour via the Matterport Camera reduces the amount of traffic and eliminates such concerns. The Matterport Camera also gives a competitive edge to property owners using this technology because it opens up a much larger audience of prospective renters. Where once limitations of distance made seeing property difficult and in some cases impossible, On Q’s use of Matterport allows a property to be seen by a global audience twenty- four hours a day.


The pace of society can be frantic at times, but that does not mean property owners must be slaves to the business of renting properties. On Q offers landlords the very latest technology, account access twenty- four hours a day via smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Also, On Q has the best customer satisfaction guarantee in the business. Sign up with On Q and receive a 90-day guarantee of On Q’s services. If a customer is not happy with the On Q experts listing, screening, maintenance, and management after ninety days, we will refund your fees. Signing-up with On Q is simple and easy. Everything you need is accessible on our website, and while you are there, take a virtual tour of a property to see why On Q and Matterport Camera are the future of the property management industry.