Tips For Showing Your Vacant Rental

Every landlord wants to find great tenants to occupy their rental property. In order to find the best quality tenants, you’ll need to make sure that your house is attracting the largest applicant pool possible. The more potential applicants that you have, the better chance you’ll have of finding the right renters. Showing the house is a great opportunity to meet the applicants and show off the property. Here are some tips for showing your vacant rental home.

Tip #1 – Keep Your Vacant Property Maintained

It’s important to remember that potential tenants are looking to make you rental property their home. That means that they’ll be looking for a house that is in good condition and will be clean and safe for their family. Everyone wants a home where they can feel comfortable and secure.

Beyond safety concerns, make sure that your interior and exterior paint looks fresh and clean. The floors should also be clean and looking new. Make sure that carpets are professionally cleaned between tenants if you are not replacing it. A well-maintained yard with thorough landscaping is a great way to attract quality tenants to your vacant property.

Tip #2 – Meet Your Potential Tenants With A Smile

It is often said that you’ll never get a chance to create a good first impressions. This is especially true when meeting tenants. Show up well-groomed and professionally dressed. You can put your potential renters at ease simply by having a calm and friendly demeanor. Smile. Treat everyone like they are exactly the tenant you are looking for.

You may want to hold off on spending any money on your investment property, but it is important to remember that a clean, attractive home will help attract better quality tenants. Not only will you rent your property faster and for more money, but you will most likely attract people that will take better care of the home. Check out our low cost ways to make your rental property stand out.

Tip #3 – Leave Them Alone

After meeting your tenants and giving them a tour of the vacant property, let your visitors have some time to walk around the rental house by themselves. This will allow your potential tenants to have some time to think and formulate any other questions they may have for you. If it is a couple, a family, or roommates this will allow them to speak to each other about the house frankly.

More importantly, this gives your visitors an opportunity to envision themselves living in the rental house. Giving them a few minutes to visualize this can be very powerful. Simply say that you want to give them a few minutes to look around on their own and that you’ll be right outside when they are ready to ask questions.

The way you present yourself and your rental property during that first visit is probably the single most important thing you can do to turn inquiries into applicants for your vacant rental. Of course, a Property Management Company can handle all of the marketing and showings for you.

Have questions about showing your vacant home to potential renters? Give us a call!