With Rently, A prospective tenant can register with a valid credit card, along with a verified ID, to be able to view a property at their own convenience. The prospective tenant receives a one-time electronic code that only lasts one hour. Prospective renters must check-in upon arrival and the manager gets instantly notified. With the credit card on file, Rently is able to validate prospective tenants name and address as well as insurance should any damage occur to the property during the tour.

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Renter’s can register by calling into the property manager’s office, finding the listing online, or using Rently’s smart signage. This makes the showing process more efficient and the viewing process easier for prospective tenants. In addition, Rently also gives homeowners confidence that their property is never missing out on prospective tenants.


After each showing, we send every prospective renter a survey asking about their viewing, making it easy for feedback about a property to be captured. Plus, when the feedback is gathered, an application link will be sent directly to the prospective renters, so they can apply as soon as a showing is over.

Rently also provides detailed analytics on a property. With the systems full analytics dashboard, On Q can access data for a property listed in Rently and share it with owners. All inquiries, showings, and post-showing feedback is captured by the system. This allows owners to see which properties are popular and which need a little more love. Export a data log to compare trends across days, weeks, or months. Reports are easily generated so owners can keep an up-to-date look at the number of leads, showings, and activity for their properties.