How we find the best tenants for your rental property

Real estate investing is one of the most popular and stable forms of investing today, according to Forbes. In an era of nonstop domestic upheaval, political uncertainty, and market fluctuation, investing in real estate provides you with something tangible, real, trustworthy.

But while investment professionals typically love the thrill of hunting new rental property and finding those hidden gems that are great deals, the actual day-to-day property management chores of finding tenants, maintaining the premises, executing paperwork and conducting safety inspections aren’t nearly so exciting.

For this reason, some investors may hesitate to begin purchasing rental properties, fearing the nonstop real estate management chores to follow. Others may tackle this challenge, only to discover it is simply not a good match for their interests and skillset.

Still, others may learn it is not the best financial use of their personal time and managing their rental properties ends up costing them more than they save!

If any of these describes you, then what you need is a property manager! On Q Property Management provides full-service management services throughout Arizona to property owners like you. Read on to learn more about how we find the hands-down best, most qualified and high-quality tenant candidates to occupy your valuable properties.

Three Levels of Management Services

Here at On Q, we provide three levels of management services for owners, tenants, and investors.

What this means is that we can literally help you manage every aspect of your real estate investing journey, leaving you free to invest your time and expertise in growing your holdings or spearheading another project to secure your future.

Owner services

On Q Management’s owner services program provides full-service management for single family and multi-family properties. Our cloud-based digital leasing system ensures you are in the know at every stage of the leasing process, from initial candidate screening to move-out.

Services provided for owners include these:

  • 24/7 access to your private, personalized On Q cloud-based digital portal with real-time updates on all property activities
  • Full 100-point rent candidate screening, including background checks, rent history, criminal background, billing and payment histories and more
  • Professional rent collection service
  • Management of repair requests, vendor selection and necessary repairs (with your authorization)
  • Property staging, professional photos, aggressive property marketing on 100+ rent websites
  • Property inspections as needed
  • Tenant eviction services as needed

Once you retain On Q Management to manage your rental properties on your behalf, while you will always be free to contact us with questions, requests, and information at any time, there will never be a need for you to drop what you are doing to attend to any aspect of your properties – that is what we are there for!

We are also your number one resource for questions regarding property safety, insurance, security, real estate legal issues as they may arise, dispute resolution and other common owner/tenant issues. And when tax time arrives, we will work with you and your CPA to ensure you have the data and documents you need to file in full and on time.

Renter services

One aspect of On Q Management’s comprehensive service portfolio that property owners particularly appreciate is our professional tenant/renter services. This is a big part of our aggressive marketing efforts on behalf of each property we manage for you.

For example, did you know many prospective tenants struggle to visualize themselves in a new home when it is standing empty? Property staging (also called home staging) can be a vital aspect of maintaining consistent occupancy from tenant to tenant. We are able to provide home staging services that are appealingly general yet welcoming to a diverse group of prospective tenants to help keep your units in demand and full.

We maintain listings on 100+ popular tenant websites throughout Arizona to ensure your properties receive maximum exposure to prospective rent candidates. We also maintain a beautiful, full-color, detail-rich profile for each available property on our own website.

Once a tenant contacts us, we assign one of our knowledgeable property managers to guide them through the application and approval process and select the property that is the best fit for their needs and budget.

Once a tenant is approved and completes a rent contract, they get additional perks to help them complete their move. We work with them to complete the initial move-in assessment and field all maintenance or repair requests, coordinating directly with vendors and tenants to complete necessary maintenance and repairs.

This process ensures happy tenants who renew their contracts and pristinely maintained properties that reliably attract the highest quality tenants.

Investor services

If you are still building your property portfolio, our investor services can provide you with the personally curated expertise to help you select the right properties at precisely the right moments.

Our auction assistance services can be especially popular for owners who have an interest in participating in real estate auctions but have no prior experience with this process.

And if you are just now getting your feet wet in the real estate marketplace, our friendly, knowledgeable, experienced agents can partner with you to select properties, analyze income and return on investment (ROI) projects for each, submit your bids, negotiate as needed and close on the deal.

Finally, our cloud-based, digital and automated systems for each phase of the acquisition process take all the mystery and manual labor out of building your personal portfolio.

For comprehensive real estate investing service and support, you can count on On Q Management’s proprietary investing program to deliver the highest value properties for the least amount of time, effort, and financial outlay.

How We Market Your Property For Speedy Rentals

The Arizona leasing market is hot right now. Many excellent properties are available to high-quality tenants with good credit and background check results.

Here at On Q Management, we understand how vital it is to stand out from your competition to keep your properties occupied with the highest caliber of tenants on an ongoing basis.

Our marketing goals consistently deliver these results for properties we manage. We are able to attract, screen and place the most desirable tenants and create an atmosphere to encourage them to stay and renew their lease when that time comes.

Our highly experienced, knowledgeable and engaged real estate managers have developed an extensive network of personal and professional contacts to supplement the extensive coverage our online property ads provide.

By reaching out to our networks when new properties we manage become available for rent, we can often locate interested tenants and begin the application, screening and approval process before our ads even begin circulating extensively online. This saves time and finances and ensures our properties stay productively occupied year-round.

Our Criteria for Suitable Rental Tenants

Suffice it to say we have the most rigorous screening process in the industry when it comes to ensuring our tenants are a good match in every way for our properties.

Our initial application and background screening process include these essentials:

  • Extensive personal credit check
  • Criminal background check
  • Sex offender background check
  • Monthly income verification (even tenants qualified in all other ways are required to earn at least 2.5 times the cost of the monthly rent and fees to be approved)
  • Previous occupancy and evictions background check, which includes contacting references and prior landlords for verification and endorsement

With this meticulous level of tenant pre-screening, we feel completely confident guaranteeing each tenant we place for 12 months.

Start With FREE Quote

Here at On Q Management, we are so sure we can deliver the best value in management, tenant and investment services in the state of Arizona that we will let you try us out for 90 days FREE to make up your own mind!

If, after that time, you are not fully and completely on board with our process and results, we will refund you 100 percent of your management fees.

We also offer you our popular 12-month tenant guarantee right from day one. This is how much we believe in our proprietary process for screening and selecting tenants to occupy the rental properties we manage.

Plus, our fees are as transparent as any you will find in any industry. The fees you pay are always flat fees. They are never hidden. And we will not even charge you any management fees until your property is leased.

We have built our reputation on our transparent fee structure, gold star customer service, high continuous occupancy rates, tenant 12-month guarantee and happy past and current clients.

Finally, in the event you ever decide to terminate services with On Q Management, you will never pay a termination fee. Our goal is to do what is best for you, your properties and your goals.