Is your home rent ready?

Everyone can all think of a home that they have been to that is perfect for the people who live there, but leave the home knowing that they would never want to live there.

Having your property rent ready will help you to receive a competitive rent price and is a key factor to attracting tenants. The more neutral and updated you keep your rental property, the more you will appeal to the masses. Your home will attract more individuals interested in your rental property, not just a few people who have a specific style.

Items that On Q Property Management recommend homeowners address to update their property to make sure it is rent ready are:

  • Paint walls a neutral color – Your aqua colored family room may look great, but there are a lot of prospective tenants who would rather not have a room painted that color. Neutral colored walls are more inviting to future tenants.
  • Touch up paint throughout the home – Your 5-year old may be a loveable kid, but future tenants will not love the handprints he left all over the walls.
  • General Cleaning – Cleaning should include cleaning the blinds, fans, wall fixtures, bathrooms, appliances, pantry, and shelving.
  • Carpet cleaning – Fresh clean carpets will get rid of any dirt and will create a clean uniform look.
  • Change air filters – Air vents can be out of view, so a lot of people forget about them. Air filters are cheap to replace, but make a big difference.
  • Landscaping maintenance – A mowed lawn, trimmed shrubs, and weed removal will give your home excellent curb appeal and creates a great first impression.
  • Replace any outdated or damaged appliances – If you don’t like using an appliance that looks like it should not be working, chances are that a future tenant will not want to use it either. Appliances can be expensive, but are a great investment.

Ask yourself,

Is your home rent ready?