Data Reporting For Multi-Family Investors

Ever wonder how much time you could save by choosing a property manager that provides you with updated data and reporting? At On Q Property Management, it is a goal of ours to provide our investors with this information to prevent them from having to email, call or track down the important data. We have many reports that are available to investors with just a click of a button.

Updated Rent Roll

One report that On Q provides is an updated rent roll. You can always check to see what tenants have paid rent or who still owes for that month before the monthly statement is sent out. You will never have to make multiple phone calls to your Phoenix AZ property manager just to see if all of your tenants have paid rent. It is our priority to make sure that you have a real-time update on what is happening with your properties.

Statements (monthly, yearly & 1099)

Another report you will receive will be monthly statements. We send out statements at the beginning of the month at the same time as we send rent. The statement has a breakdown of the rent paid, rental sales tax, repairs or any other expenses. The statement is broken down by property, so you can identify what is happening with each property.

In addition to our monthly statements, we also send out yearly statements and 1099’s. The yearly statements will have a breakdown of all of your income and expenses. The 1099 is mailed out to you at the end of the year as well, so you have everything you need for taxes.

On Q Cloud

As an investor, you will have access to an On Q cloud, which not only shows you the financial reporting but maintenance reports as well. You will be able to view work orders and approve work online. Investors also have access to see completed work and before and after pictures.


Move-out inspections will show up in your cloud as well. These inspections will be completed by our inspectors and each line item will be bid out, so it makes it easy for you to make decisions on the disposition and any upgrades you are wanting to complete.

Routine inspections are optional but highly recommended. If a routine inspection is approved there is an inspector that goes out to the property and a report is produced that includes descriptions and pictures of the condition of the property and how the tenant is maintaining it. This can help catch or address any issues before they turn into big problems as well as ensure that your rental property is properly being taken care of.

As an investor, the last thing you want to do is waste time tracking down information about your investment properties. At On Q Property Management we make it our goal to have data and reports readily available to you, so you don’t have to call and email multiple times just to find out if one of your tenants has paid rent or not. Many investors choose not be very involved in the rental process, but they always know where to go to find current information if they are in need of an update. Your time is important to us and we want to make owning investment homes as easy and convenient as possible.

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