Arizona Has A Winter, Too!

Winter Home Maintenance Tips For The Arizona Homeowner

While we don’t experience whiteouts or heavy blizzards, Arizona does have its own version of winter. Even without these harsher conditions, there are some maintenance tips to do around the house this winter that can help keep those energy costs down and everyone comfortable. And if you rent your investment home to tenants, they will greatly appreciate the effort!

Keep the Warm Air Inside

Did you know that those ceiling fans actually go in reverse? Most people just leave their fans on and never think of them again, but reversing the direction of your ceiling fans can actually help warm your home during the winter by pushing down the warm air that naturally rises. This can be especially effective in those houses with very high ceilings. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a home with a fireplace, make sure that you inspect the chimney before you or your tenants get ready to use it. Having a professional inspect your chimney will help ensure that it is cleaned properly and in working order to avoid chimney fires and carbon monoxide build up.

Also, make sure you inspect those chimneys and vents. Without regular sweeping and clearing, chimneys can become dangerous. They may have become the home to local birds, suffered from structural damage or allowed the accumulation of debris. To keep your furnace or heater running effectively and efficiently, remember to change the filters regularly.  In a dry climate such as Phoenix, they can get dusty quickly and affect your heater’s performance.

Keep the Cold Air Out

All of your efforts to keep the house warm will be for nothing if the cold air can get in! Check out the weather stripping around the doors and windows for signs of disrepair. If you can actually feel air seeping in or see light around the edges, they may not be effective anymore. 

In addition to weather strips, be aware of any gaps between the siding of your home and the window or door frames. By either doing it yourself or having a professional fill any gaps wider than about a nickel with silicone exterior caulk, you can prevent the cold air from entering. 

Clear Those Gutters

This relatively simple task can help avoid blockages or breakages to your property and is well worth adding to your regular maintenance checklist, especially during the fall and winter months when leaves may build up. One of the easiest ways to clear any debris is with a power wash. 


While there are rarely snow showers in Central or Southern Arizona, it can still get pretty chilly and it is important to perform basic maintenance and upkeep tasks to keep your home in tip-top shape. By making sure that your doors and windows are well-maintained, you can keep your tenants happy and energy bills low.