A Few Tips to Beautify Your Yard

Owning a home in Arizona is a wonderful thing. You may have upgraded the floors to all tile, installed energy-efficient windows, and updated the kitchen. Yet, your yard seems to be lacking the special character that is displayed on the inside of y

our property. The landscaping of the yard can make or break the resale or rental value of your home. It is time to get on top of making the yard as beautiful as the interior of your home.

Add Grass
Many home owners decide to plant grass in their front and rear yards because it has a peaceful appearance and gives a yard a classic look. Be sure to mow your lawn regularly to ensure that it has a nice, trimmed appearance. You need to keep in mind that the seasons do change, and you may feel frustrated during certain months because your lawn is not green. Try planting Rye grass for the cooler months of the year, and Bermuda grass in the summer months.

Use Rock
A good alternative to a grass lawn is to place rocks in the front and back yards to allow a consistent appearance on the ground. You may need to spray and pull out weeds regularly. You will also need to be sure to remove any dead leaves and debris on a regular basis. Do not let the dead leaves get out of hand; be sure to use a leaf blower on your yard once a week if possible.

Plant Trees and Plants
Adding plants to your yard is a must! It is a good idea to plant larger plants such as shrubs to the rear of smaller plants such as flowers. Adding cacti is a great idea because they require very little maintenance and appear beautiful year round. Bougainvilleas are great to plant near windows and walls because they are beautiful year round and work great as a deterrent to unwanted visitors entering your home through windows due to their large amount of thorns. It is important to keep all of your plants well watered and trim them on a regular basis to ensure that they retain a pleasant, clean appearance year round.

Be sure to look around in magazines and at other people’s beautiful yards as a guideline for making your yard as beautiful as it can be!