3 Most Common Tenant Complaints

Not Sure How To Handle Complaints?


A lot of people jump into real estate and become landlords without considering the potential downsides of that investment. Tenant complaints are often the last thing you’ll want to deal with, but it’s important to remember that your renters are your customers and it’s up to you to solve their issues and keep them content. And happy tenants mean higher tenant retention! 


Many of the complaints you’ll hear throughout your life as a landlord are actually very similar. This is actually good news because you will have an understanding of the common issues and, over time, develop the most efficient way of dealing with them. Here are 3 of the most common tenant complaints. 


Complaint #1- The House Was Dirty Upon Move-In

You’ll want to start your relationship with your new tenants on a good note. That means making sure that the property that they are renting from you is in an acceptable condition. They are making your investment their home and will want it to be clean and in working order. It’s a good habit to hire a professional cleaning service between tenants to avoid these issues head on.


If you do opt to skip the professional cleaning and your renters do come to you with complaints, don’t argue with them. Set yourself up for a successful relationship and ask if they would like for you to bring in a cleaning service to handle the problem. Your willingness to fix the problem may be enough to smooth everything out and will show your renters that you care about their needs. 


Complaint #2- Noisy Neighbors


Ah, the noisy neighbor. We’ve all dealt with this issue at one time or another. Whether it be loud parties or a continually barking dog, these complaints can be tricky to deal with. Many times, it is out of the landlord or property managers hands, but your tenant still wants you to do something about the problem. 


If the noisy neighbor also lives in one of your properties, then you should be able to handle the problem with little effort. But if they are a random neighbor, the situation gets quite a bit more difficult. You can encourage your tenant to try to resolve the situation amicably on their own. If it does not work, you may want to consider addressing the issue with the owner of that property yourself. You can also look into local ordinances and see if the noise may violate any local laws.


The most important thing here is that your tenant sees that you’re taking their problem seriously and attempting to alleviate the annoyance.


Complaint #3- Maintenance Issues & Repairs


These might just be the most common complaints that landlords will receive, and it is vital that they are handled quickly and as smoothly as possible. The lease should lay down some framework as to how tenants will notify you about these issues. This usually is by email, phone, or through a property manager.


Once you receive the notification make sure that you respond promptly, ideally providing a time frame for when they can expect the issue to be resolved. Follow up with the tenants a few days later and confirm that the problem was fixed and that they are satisfied with the results. 


On Q Property Management has an in-house maintenance company, Mammoth Maintenance, that handles all of our repair and maintenance issues. They can do everything from pest control to pool repairs to interior or exterior painting. Our Property Managers work closely with them to make sure that everything is done as quickly and affordably as possible.


Handling tenant complaints in the right manner can go a long way in alleviating their concerns, upping tenant-retention rates, and helping establish your reputation as a person who cares about the wellbeing and safety of his or her clients.