How To Master The Holidays

Fall is in the air, the leaves are changing, and the Holidays are on their way. Granted this is Arizona, there won’t be that many leaves changing and we are just now getting cooler weather. The time has flown by and now we’re staring at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Let’s talk about ways to get through the holidays without too many disasters.


It might be wise to have a game plan on what you are going to be doing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Are you going to have everyone over or are you going elsewhere. Warning, you may panic if you find out that everyone is planning to be at your house. It is not the time to panic….breathe and start planning. Part of the planning also mean delegating who will do what and what cooking supplies you will need. Will you be decorating? Do you have enough?


For both holidays, there will be lot of cooking especially if there will be a lot of people showing up. Now I want to talk about the Thanksgiving turkey for a bit. Have you decided how you are going to cook it? If you decide to deep fry it or cook it in the oven, please be prepared for all outcomes. Just make sure you have the proper equipment, DON’T deep fry a frozen turkey, use too much oil, or deep fry indoors. If you are cooking the turkey in general, make sure you give the turkey enough time to thaw out.


Are you cooking all the food at your house? How many ovens do you have to use? Do you have family members that are going to help out by cooking sides at their house? If you are cooking all the sides at your house, this is where all the planning comes in handy. What side are you wanting to have? Mashed potatoes, candy yams, stuffing, rolls, pies, etc. If you only have one oven, time out how long each items will need to cook and whether it can share the oven with the turkey. Think about using a crockpot for some items and maybe cook the pies and rolls a day early.


The right amount of decorating will go a long way. Don’t stress out whether or not your house is decorating to the ‘T’. Decide what you want and don’t want in the and outside of the house. If you want to be more elaborate outside, you may want keep the inside more simple or vice versa. Just remember that the holidays are surrounded around everyone gathering together. Make your home warm and inviting for your guest and not overwhelming.


Whether we are talking about Thanksgiving or Christmas; planning, food and decorations will be involved. The holidays are a time to spend with those you love. Don’t make it complicated or try to do everything yourself. Remember to be safe, especially if you decide do something new this year and deep fry the turkey.

Happy Holidays from the staff at On Q Property Management!