How to Handle Your Pool Before You Travel

Summer is just around the corner, and that means that you can start looking forward to spending beautiful days relaxing as you float in the cool waters of your pool. While pool maintenance does take some work, the effort is worth it every time you get to climb into those sparkling clear waters.

Unfortunately, not planning properly for pool care while you are on vacation can quickly undo all of your efforts and leave you with an icky mess. As you make your summer plans, this pool guide will serve as your lifesaver for making sure that you return to a pool that looks just like it did when you left it!

How Do I Care For My Pool While I’m Away?

Whether you are going on vacation or a business trip, caring for your pool while you are gone requires both prep work that you can do before you leave, along with some planning for someone to continue your care routine while you are away. Just follow these steps, and you can go on your trip with the reassurance that everything is in order for a perfect summer.

Make Sure Your Pool Is Filled

The natural evaporation process affects your pool’s water levels, and you will need to account for it while you are gone. Make sure to fill your pool all the way to the appropriate level, and you can even add a little extra water if you know that no one will be swimming while you are gone.

This step is important because your filter system cannot work properly if the water gets too low.

Check Your Water’s Chemical Levels

It is important to make sure that your pool is properly treated before you leave so that algae do not begin to grow. Use your water testing kit to check the PH levels and alkalinity.

Then, shock your pool right before you leave following your pool maintenance instructions, or you can have it professionally done. It is also important to load up your chlorination system with sticks or tablets so that it continues to sanitize the water while you are not at home.

Set Your Filter To a Timer

Never turn your filter system off while you are away because it must run for at least several hours a day to keep the water clean. Although you can let the filter run for the full 24 hours in each day, you can use an automatic timer to save electricity.

Just follow the programming instructions on your timer to have it run for eight hours each day.

Find a Pool Sitter to Check On It Daily

Recruiting a neighbor or professional pool sitter to check on your pool each day gives you additional peace of mind. Before they begin, sit down with your pool sitter to cover everything that you would like checked.

For example, they can check PH levels weekly if you will be gone for several weeks, and they can also make sure that the filter is working properly.

Double Check Your Safety Cover

Safety is a major priority while you are away from home since you cannot monitor what other people might do near your pool. A mesh safety cover will help keep your pool clean, and it also protects you from dealing with a tragedy if neighborhood children decide to take a swim in your pool.

This is a key way to childproof your pool. It is also a good idea to make sure that the fence surrounding your pool is locked, and instruct your pool sitter to make sure it is locked every time they leave your yard.


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