Are You Haunted By Scary Tenants or Repairs?

Take the Spooky Out of Property Management

During the Halloween season we purposefully surround ourselves with goblins and ghosts, trying to scare each other with spooky tales of the misunderstood.  The same is true for Property Management, almost nothing is scarier than the unknown. But with all haunted houses, when the lights come on the reality is not as scary as your imagination led you to believe. Having an experienced Property Management Company standing next to you gives you more than a ghost of a chance to rest easy.


Horror Stories of Tenants

We’ve all heard the horror stories about bad tenants destroying rental homes or stealing appliances from the property. It sure is scary to think about losing money on your investment because you chose the wrong people to sign the lease. But how do you know who is more likely to be trustworthy? A Property Management Company can help you find the best pool of potential tenants to choose from and perform credit and criminal history checks for you. Getting the best tenant for your property will help safeguard your asset.


Nightmares of Repairs 

It’s 2:00 a.m. and you’ve finally fallen asleep after a hectic evening at home or late night at the office. Suddenly, you are awaken by the shrill sound of your telephone ringing. 

Emergency repairs in the middle of the night go with the territory, but your number doesn’t have to be the one on speed dial when those unexpected events occur. On Q Property Management will not only take care of the issues that pop up, but also has a trusted in-house Maintenance Company ready to make any repairs, 24/7.

Scary Eviction Process

As a landlord, is there anything scarier than having to go through an eviction process? A Property Manager can help immensely, and give you access to the correct legal documents. Some of these include owner agreements, leasing documents, and tenancy agreements. Read more about our tips for landlords here. 


If you’d like to learn more about how On Q Property Management can help keep the spooky nightmares and horror stories reserved for your Halloween celebrations and not your investment, contact us today!