10 Tips To Child Proof Your Pool For Summer Safety

There’s one thing about summer that makes the hot days bearable, and that’s swimming. Most homes have a pool in the backyard, and whether those pools be above-ground pools or not, it’s best to keep children away from the pool when an adult isn’t there. However, during the summer it can be difficult to keep up with children who might be in and out of the house. To prevent any accidents from happening, child proofing the pool area is a great idea that any family can and should take advantage of. However, not all accidents can be prevented, and a means for helping when accidents happen is also mentioned below.

Fence It In

One of the best ways to keep the children out of the pool without permission is by putting up a fence around the pool. It doesn’t matter which sort of fence is used just as long as it is tall enough and wide enough to keep the kids out of the pool area. It’s advised to add a gate to the fence as well for easy access by adults into the pool area. Children can’t access the pool, but adults can with ease to ensure that children are always supervised in the pool area.

Move the Ladders

Families often have aboveground pools in the backyard, and these pools are accessed by a ladder leading into the pool. A great way to child proof the pool area in these cases is by removing any and all ladders from the poolside. Since ladders are heavy, children cannot move them without help. By setting the ladders away from the pool, it makes it difficult for small children to get into the pool, meaning they are less likely to suffer from an accident.

Close the Entryways

If the pool does not have a fence, another great way to keep the kids from entering the pool area is by closing off the entryways. It is easier to keep the entryways closed when small children are involved because they cannot reach the knobs to open them. Keeping the doors that aren’t in use locked, you can avoid any escapees having an accident near the pool.

Use a Pool Alarm

Many families utilize an alarm system for their pool area. When someone opens the gate or door to the area, an alarm sets off unless someone puts in a special code to get in. This alarm system works much like a house alarm system by alerting someone that there is an intruder. Often these systems will connect to the parent’s smartphone, so they are alerted when someone enters the pool area without permission or adult supervision.

Put Away Pool Toys

Pool toys are extremely attractive to young children. By removing the pool toys from the pool and putting them away, the attraction to the pool is gone, and children are less likely to attempt to get into the pool area to play with those toys. Having adequate storage for all the pools toys is a great way to keep them all picked up and organized.

Reduce Tripping Hazards

Sometimes, accidents can happen while out by the pool, even with supervision. Tripping into the pool can cause accidents, and having things out by the pool can cause a tripping hazard. Things like pool toys, beach towels, and goggles can cause a young child to trip and fall into the pool. If they don’t know how to swim, this can be quite the hazard. Keeping the sides of the pool clear of tripping hazards, young children are less likely to fall in.

Cover the Pool

Covers are a great way to keep the pool safe. When not in use, putting a cover over the pool will greatly reduce the risk of a child falling into the water. There are several pools that are equipped with automatic covers that will unroll with the push of a button. These automatic covers are a great way to keep the pool covered at night or when not in use.

Consider Swimming Lessons

Young children as less likely to drown if they know how to swim. A great way to protect children during the summertime is by giving them swimming lessons. Lessons will teach the child to understand the water and how to keep themselves afloat when in the water. The lessons can teach the children how to survive should they fall into the pool as well, making it ideal for the summertime pool fun.

Create a Separate Play Area

Children love to play outside, but having a pool in the backyard can be a hazard. A great way to prevent any pool accidents is by creating a separate play area for kids to enjoy. Incorporating umbrellas or other means of shade is another great way to protect them from the sun while playing outside as well. When the pool is off-limits, the play area can be a great alternative.

Get Rescue Gear

Even if someone takes every measure to avoid accidents possible, there are still times when accidents happen. Should those accidents happen, it’s best to have emergency rescue gear on hand. This gear could include life preservers, rope, kickboards, and a first aid kit. Keeping the gear close by and safe from water and moisture can be a great benefit should an accident occur.


It’s always fun to spend the summer swimming in a pool. However, with pools can come accidents, especially when small children are involved. It might be difficult to keep children away from the pool area, and without supervision, children might be more inclined to jump in for a swim without realizing the danger. When trying to child proof the pool area, there are a few tips that any family is owning a pool can follow. The ten tips above are only suggestions to make the summertime a great time without any accidents or issues. By being prepared and ready just in case an accident happens, families can be prepared for the worst.